Green Yacht Fuel Green Yacht Fuel

Carbon Offset Yacht Fuel new

Nigeria Premium 2008

This premium tête de cuvée 120 octane fuel has a graceful marriage of clean body and kerosene flavor notes. It shows full liquidity with haunting power nuances and a less fruity petroleum flavor than regular Colonial premiums.

The lubricants, light and unobtrusive, are perfectly integrated, especially in the finish. Keeps combustion vibrant and carbon deposit at a minimum.

Perfect for any luxury sea vessel.

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Crawford Ranch

Crawford Ranch Secret Reserve Crawford Ranch Secret Reserve

Secret Reserve Helicopter & Limousine Fuel

Raw Power Elite Premium 2008

A clean, fresh blend of benzene and avgas, with a simple nose of white kerosene. It has excellent low temperature flow properties.

This Elite Reserve golden parachute fuel has finely polished raw power with a surprisingly lengthy finish. Twice hydrocracked and unified, this superb refined fuel for reciprocating engines has ultra-low maximum lead content.

Combustibility high-high to extreme-high, and provides maximum btu's for company, but not too much to enjoy alone.

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Opec Ultra

Opec Upscale Sedan Opec Persian Reserve

Premium Unleaded 2008

Persian Reserve

A zesty, full bodied, thermal cracked desert fuel, with wonderful balance. This fuel totally over-delivers on our hedonist's meter.

100 octane, straight run, and refined to perfection. Suitable for luxury sedans or any foreign luxury car equipped with GPS and/or engine with catalytic converter.

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Gazprom Sports Car Gazprom White

Caspian 2008

Smooth Premium Single Crude, Special Reserve

A superb extreme heat fractionated North Sea Crude mixed with lightly volatile halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons, twice refined, with bold power notes.

It is great paired with upscale coupes, sports activity vehicles and high performance luxury roadsters.

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Chavez white Chavez SUV

Light Sweet 2008

Alaska Reserve

Robust aroma, high performance, with flavors of carbon and benzene.

This bright, fresh, ultra-low residuum platinum-rhenium unified distillate from the pristine wilderness of Northern Alaska pairs rich colors with mineral notes for a long finish.

Goes great with everyday driving, hybrid vehicles, light trucks, and crossover SUV's.

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